A New Journey, Cancer

Today is August 26, 2023 and I’m sitting at home instead of with my Inverse Paradox team at WordCamp US in National Harbor this week. I had every intention of being there, but there’s more to this story, I have cancer (non clear renal cell carcinoma). About 11 weeks ago I started feeling somewhat unwell.…

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Accessibility for Sharethis

Let me start by saying I don’t know everything when it comes to Web Accessibility and I’m still learning a ton about it and how to do things properly. I am trying my best to do what I can as a developer to make the web a better and more open space, this is my…

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Setting Up A Dev Enviroment for Windows

So I have had the pleasure to use a Windows machine again recently. When I say pleasure, I mean I had multiple pain points so far, though some of them do not stem from Windows itself and come from a strict IT department. Anyways back to Windows, I am using it at a contract position…

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