Strength of a different kind

Strength has been a pretty big constant in my life. I wasn’t always the strong guy in the gym, I started at the bottom rung just like everyone else does. I worked my way to become stronger everyday. I did the work that was required to obtain the results I wanted. Everything changed in May…

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Cancer is a liar

Cancer is a great deception. The doctors act like they know what they are doing but to be honest it’s more of a puzzle to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It creates lies as you go on with life thinking things may return to a “normal” and normal may never come or be…

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A New Journey, Cancer

Today is August 26, 2023 and I’m sitting at home instead of with my Inverse Paradox team at WordCamp US in National Harbor this week. I had every intention of being there, but there’s more to this story, I have cancer (non clear renal cell carcinoma). About 11 weeks ago I started feeling somewhat unwell.…

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