WordCamp US 2016 Logo Over a balck and white image of Philadelphia, PA

WordCamp US 2016 a Camp in Review

This year I returned to WordCamp US, a bit older, wiser and more dug into the ways of Magento thanks to my day job. I was and still am excited about my experience at WordCamp US 2016. I got to see friends, listen to amazing speakers, meet new people and got some sweat swag!

Responsive SVG

Responsive SVGs

I’ve been really interested in SVGs and the capabilities they give us for moving the web forward. Recently I came across Responsive Logos website and became intrigued how to do this to something myself. I had built a simple line drawing recently and decided that I would use it to play with this idea.

An overview shot of Lancaster, PA

A Brave New World

As I write this I have just found out that where I’ve been working for the past 2 years is about to close. This is quite unfortunate because I love what I do. I even love all my coworkers even if they do know how to push my buttons from time to time, they are a joy to work with.