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As I write this I have just found out that where I’ve been working for the past 2 years is about to close. This is quite unfortunate because I love what I do. I even love all my coworkers even if they do know how to push my buttons from time to time, they are a joy to work with. The future is uncertain, change has not been the norm for the past 2 years. Though life seems to be spinning out of control this week, I have set my mind to find stability, whether that be through another full time position or freelance work.

Life brings challenges constantly to the world we have become accustom to. In fact a little less than two years ago my wife and I had an amazing baby boy, who is now a toddler approaching his second birthday! Wow does time pass by in a blink of an eye or what? As time moves so should we never becoming complacent in where we are, I will continue to develop the skills I know and love and hopefully some new ones to add to the belt.

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